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          Picture for blog post Modafinil Tolerance

          Modafinil Tolerance

          What is Tolerance?

          Before talking modafinil points of interest, it's critical to comprehend what precisely resistance is. There are various sorts of it and, contingent upon which you're encountering, you may need to take various activities.

          Basically, Tolerance is the point at which a substance turns out to be less compelling after some time. The most well-known reason for it is constant use.

          At the point when it occurs, to keep a substance's impact levels consistent, increasingly more of it should be taken.

          Resilience is visit with narcotics (codeine, heroin, morphine, and so on.), antidepressants, and benzodiazepines. In any case, it can likewise effectively create with liquor, caffeine, and nicotine.

          Much of the time, getting lenient to a medication is a critical issue. Consider somebody experiencing interminable agony and done inclination the impacts of torment relievers.

          On the other side, some of the time, resilience can be something worth being thankful for.

          It is the means by which you can, for instance, lessen sensitivities. By constantly taking little portions of a risky allergen, your body becomes acclimated to and quits responding to it.

          Clearly, with regards to modafinil use, the previous is the situation. Resistance is awful and will cause it to appear as though the medication isn't working.

          Good News About Modafinil Tolerance
          When you use a substance recreationally – not habitually or out of necessity – tolerance is a lot easier to manage. Using modafinil off-label as a cognitive enhancer or a study aid falls into that category.

          In other words, modafinil tolerance – if such a thing exists (more on this shortly) – is easily avoidable and, if it does occur, is also easily reversible.

          Types of Drug Tolerance
          There are three primary types of drug tolerance.

          Pharmacodynamic (Desensitization) Tolerance
          This type of tolerance takes place at a cellular level and involves chemical structures known as receptors. The receptors are what respond to the presence of a given substance in your system.

          In the case of pharmacodynamic tolerance, when there is too much of a substance, either the receptors become desensitized to it, or their numbers drop.

          It’s the equivalent of a call center having too many outside lines for the staff to handle. Calls will get ignored, or management will reduce the number of external lines so that the work load becomes manageable.

          The result of pharmacodynamic tolerance is that your response to a drug plateaus – no matter how much more you put it (usually at the risk of increasing side-effects), you stop seeing additional effects.
          Pharmacokinetic (Metabolic) Tolerance
          Pharmacokinetic tolerance has to do with your metabolism. It occurs when a reduced amount of a substance, like modafinil, reaches whatever system in your body it affects.

          This type of tolerance most often involves an increase in the enzymes responsible for metabolizing the substance – it is processed quicker, and less of it gets to its ultimate destination.

          A good example of this is a person who consumes large amounts of alcohol.

          When someone drinks a lot and does so regularly over a long time, the amount of the liver enzyme responsible for breaking it down goes up (1). Progressively, they will need to consume more and more alcohol to reach the same level of drunkenness.

          As an aside, using modafinil can increase alcohol tolerance, so, ideally, avoid taking the two at the same time.
          Behavioral Tolerance
          Behavioral tolerance occurs with psychoactive drugs. Stimulants are classified as psychoactive substances, and modafinil is a stimulant.

          You can think of behavioral tolerance as your body filtering specific effects brought on by a drug. Methamphetamine users, for example, learn to tolerate and effectively ignore the increased motor activity resulting from the substance’s use.

          Will Modafinil Cause Tolerance?

          The following thing to make sense of is whether modafinil can cause any of the three kinds of resilience talked about above.

          Furthermore, that, sadly, is a troublesome inquiry to reply. Some proof proposes modafinil resilience is genuine. Other proof says the inverse.

          At the point when you look further into modafinil's system of activity, it's reasonable for infer that not exclusively would you be able to build up a resilience to it, however that modafinil may likewise be addictive.

          To be sure, modafinil influences indistinguishable dopamine receptors from cocaine (2), but in a somewhat unique way.

          Cocaine is both an exceptionally addictive medication and one you can create resistance to. Truth be told, examines have demonstrated that a degree of resistance can occur after just one portion of it (3).

          Both modafinil and cocaine increment the degree of dopamine in your framework (4). It is, consequently, no stretch to state that since cocaine is addictive, and you can build up a resistance to it, the equivalent is valid for modafinil.

          There is additionally much narrative proof proposing resistance to modafinil is genuine.

          A lot of clients on Reddit, for instance, recommended they have been influenced by it (5)(6).

          What's more, a New Yorker article on the universe of neuro-upgrading drugs makes reference to the instance of a somebody who took so much modafinil that it, in the end, quit working for him.

          Research Supporting No Tolerance
          On the flip side, a study that tracked 105 modafinil using patients concluded that no significant dose increases of the drug were needed over the two-month period during which the patients were observed (7).

          In other words, long term use of modafinil did not reduce its effectiveness. So, no tolerance.

          In fact, the same study found that several individuals were actually taking lower dosages by the end of two months while still benefiting from modafinil in the same way. Not only does that indicate no tolerance, but quite the opposite.

          Other research supports that theory too (8).

          Ways to Manage Modafinil Tolerance
          If you think you’re experiencing tolerance to modafinil, there are several things you can do to avoid or to manage it.

          Use High-Quality Modafinil
          If the quality of the product you’re taking is questionable, that alone could be the reason why it feels like you’ve developed modafinil tolerance.

          Sometimes – especially if you buy your modafinil on the internet – you can end up with a batch that simply doesn’t work. What you have been sent could, for example, be expired, or the compound could be inactive.

          In either case, the modafinil won’t do much, even at an increased dose. Sounds a lot like drug tolerance, doesn’t it?

          Only buy modafinil from trusted sellers – ones that have been around for years and have, over time, built up a good reputation with the online community.

          Prevent Desensitization Tolerance
          It usually takes quite a while to develop desensitization tolerance to drugs. The best way to avoid it in the case of modafinil is to limit its use – only take it when needed.

          A good rule of thumb is not to use modafinil more than four days per week and, ideally, limit it to as few as two days. Try not to take it on back-to-back days either.

          This is a process known as modafinil cycling.

          Even if you follow the above guidelines, but have been taking the drug for a few months, take a break.

          Two weeks without modafinil should give your body plenty of time to reset its tolerance levels and return the drug’s effectiveness to what it once was. For some people, even just one week may be enough.

          You can also consider cycling modafinil with another similar smart drug to maintain the overall effect but avoid building up a tolerance.

          Finally, avoid taking more than 200 mg of modafinil in a single dose. While 400 mg is, in theory, the maximum recommended daily amount for modafinil, going that high is rarely necessary and only increases the odds of running into side-effects.

          Prevent Metabolic Tolerance
          The best way to go about avoiding metabolic tolerance to modafinil is first to understand which enzymes your body uses to break it down, and then, how to inhibit them.

          The first part is easy. A lot of research goes into all drugs before they’re approved, and information like how the body metabolizes them is widely available.

          In the case of modafinil, the enzymes CYP1A2, CYP2B6, CYP2C9, CYP2C19, and CYP3A4/5 are primarily responsible for metabolization (9), with CYP2C19 being the key player.

          The longer you continually use modafinil, the higher the level of CYP2C19. The higher that enzyme’s level, the quicker the drug is metabolized, and the less effective it becomes.

          There are several herbal compounds which inhibit CYP2C19:

          Bacopa monnieri (10)
          Berberis vulgaris (Barberry) (11)
          Eschscholzia californica (California Poppy) (12)
          Vitex agnus-castus (Chaste Tree) (13)
          All four are available as over the counter supplements.

          Grapefruit juice is another well-known and often used inhibitor of enzymes responsible for the breakdown of modafinil (14).

          If you decide to use grapefruit juice, however, for best results, be sure to squeeze your own versus buying a pre-packaged product. Avoid juice made from concentrate especially.

          Don’t Mix Modafinil With Other Drugs or Stimulants
          One other easy thing to do when trying to avoid or manage modafinil tolerance is to not mix it with other smart drugs or stimulants.

          While some advanced nootropic users may stack modafinil with other compounds, it is often not necessary. And indeed, if you go back to just modafinil after using it as part of a stack, it may seem not as effective, making it feel like you’ve developed a tolerance to it.

          The same applies to stimulants. The only such substance people sometimes mix modafinil with is caffeine – specifically coffee. Avoid everything else.

          There are some potential synergistic effects than can be achieved with the caffeine and modafinil combo, but it’s also easy to overdo. Your body could end up in a state of imbalance, which, theoretically, can lead to something resembling tolerance.

          Before you even consider going down the coffee and modafinil mixing path, have a clear understanding of what you’re doing.

          Ultimately, it’s not clear whether modafinil tolerance is real. Some research and plenty of anecdotal reports suggest it does exist. But, other research has shown contradictory results.

          The best thing you can do to avoid developing tolerance to modafinil – and indeed, other drugs – is to cycle it. Take it only when you need to and give your body plenty of breaks in between.

          If there is a time where you need to take modafinil daily, consider taking select natural herb supplements or drinking grapefruit juice. Doing so will prevent your liver from metabolizing the drug’s active ingredients too quickly.

          And, above all, always make sure you’re buying quality modafinil. A subpar product will not be nearly as effective and make it seem like you’ve developed a tolerance when, in reality, that is not at all what’s happening


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